What Are The Wierdest Sports Around The Globe

We have been asked to participate in various sports as it keeps us healthy. And not only that, but we also get to have it as our profession and a very respected one too. When we talk about sports we talk about Football, Cricket, Hockey and other conventional games. But there are some weird sports that are popular in some parts of the world and we might not have a clue about them. Here we have a list of some of the weirdest sports from around the globe that you might find ironic but are actually popular.

Sepak Takraw

This sport is just like volleyball, just a little different. You are allowed to use bodyparts other than your hands. It is most popular in Southeast Asia, and it has a championship for people around the globe to participate. This action-packed game is not only different but also more exciting to watch. It is a 21 points game with a lot of flips and kicks in it.

Hobby Horsing

What started as a joke of some kind in Finland, is now a full-fledged sport with booming popularity. Hobby horsing is what fits in this list very well. In this sport, we can see people riding a fake horse around a gymnasium showing tricks and people judging them for it.

Muggle Quidditch

J.K. Rowling gets all the credits here. She introduced the world to magical sports, but sadly we are all muggles here. But that didn’t stop Middlebury College students to invent the muggle version of Quidditch. What if our brooms can’t fly, we can take it and run in the fields. And to add to our surprises there’s an International Quidditch Association to regulate the game and International Quidditch World Cup.

Chess Boxing

Chess Boxing is exactly what you might hope it to be. There are chess and boxing both involved and only if you have both brains and muscles you can survive this match. There are 11 three minute rounds in this game 6 of chess and 5 of boxing. And the winner is decided by checkmate, KO or disqualification decided by the ref.

Wife Carrying

Dum Laga Ke Haisha(2015) might have given you the exact idea of what this game is about. Originated from Finland, this sport involves husbands carrying their wives through an obstacle course. If one wins it, he gets his wife’s weight in beer and twice his wife’s weight in cash. Not only this game is hard, but there’s also a penalty of 10 seconds for dropping your wife. Every year in July, World Championship is held for this sport.

Toe Wrestling

Weird sports keep getting weirder. Now we have a very simple game for you called toe wrestling. It’s the same as thumb wrestling, just with toes. You have to pin down your opponent till the countdown.


You like cycling and playing soccer, and its hard choosing between them? We have just the thing for you. You have to play a match like a soccer using your bicycles. It’s a two-on-two match where you have to score by hitting the ball with your cycle in opponents’ nets.

Kaiju Big Battle

We all love to dress stupid and do crazy things, or at least we like to watch it. That’s why we have something weirder for you. People dressed up as strange monsters and fight among each other.


Well, there sure are many weird sports out there in the world. We have been able to cover only a few of the, here. If you know some, do mention in the comments.


-Utkarsh Tripathi  

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