What Are Spirits And Their Understanding

What are spirits? How are they different from the souls inside our bodies? Have we ever asked ourselves these questions?

Well, this is my understanding of the spiritual world. It may differ from your beliefs, but we’re all here to learn about something new.


Let’s start with something simple. What is the soul? A soul is a force or energy that gives life. Our bodies as we know them is just a combination of different atoms. So, there has to be something special in living beings that differentiate us from others, that’s our soul. A soulless body is as good as dead.


Let’s hop on to our understanding of spirits. Spirits are the same type of entity as a soul, with a slight difference, they don’t have a body. Believe it or not, we are surrounded by many spirits at this very moment. You may be in your living rooms, your bedroom, in a park, it doesn’t matter. There’s a rich history about the piece of land you’re at. That land could have a history of killings, suicides, massacre, or burial, which quite frankly we’ll never know of.

But that’s nothing to worry about. Not all spirits around are evil or demonic. There’s a high chance that you won’t even encounter one. But just because we can’t see them, denying their existence will be mere arrogance on our part. Very much like ourselves, they are real.

How do they come into existence?

It is believed that a spirit is supposed to be in the mortal world for some time even when their bodies are cremated or buried. This is the time for the spirits to bid their final goodbye to their loved ones and lament on their actions. But not all spirits get the luxury of such a smooth departure. People who die an unnatural death or an early death do not get salvation that easy. Instead of being sent to Heaven or Hell, they are forced to stay in the mortal world to suffer for a long time. They are forced to be here and suffer the traumas of denied existence and relive the moments before their death.

When and why do they prey on us?

During the time they have to spend among us, spirits tend to get jealous of the living people around them. The main reason for their jealousy is our emotions. We tend to give our emotions fewer credits than they deserve. We have the ability to feel mixed emotions in a short span of time. Whereas spirits get to feel only one emotion, the emotion that was most powerful at the time of their death. Someone who was in agony at the time of his death, his spirit stays in agony, similar is the case of fear, anger, sorrow, and so on.

So, it’s obvious for them to want to possess a body and try to feel the emotions of joy, aspiration, hope, awe, and love. But sadly for them, a body can be a vessel to a single soul, so they tend to be obsessed to become the primary soul of the body. And in order to do so, they prey on people who are mentally weak, spiritually detached, and emotionally unstable. Their souls are weak just like their will power and are easy to prey on.

This might be the reason that most of the religion and even science preach us to stay positive and in a happy mood. Good mood boosts your will power and it’s harder for the spirits to manipulate your body. This is the reason why most of the psychological issues are connected with voodoo and spirits.

Demonic Spirits:

It’s not always that a spirit wants to possess your body just to get a hold of your body. There are spirits that have done terrible deeds when they were alive. They are so prone to the tortures done on them that they enjoy it. They enjoy it to such extend that they try to possess a body for the sole purpose of torturing the soul. These are what we call as Demonic Spirits.

Demonic spirits are the worst of the kind, they tend to be more powerful as their hatred is much stronger than our love for life. They are known to bend the wills of the strongest of us. Here’s when spirituality comes into the picture. Spirituality does not only give us the path of God but also gives us hope. A hope that everything is going to be okay. Believe it or not, hope is a powerful thing. We hope for a better tomorrow and the hardships of today seem to be easier. All our actions are based on our hopes to get our favored outcome.

This is why we must always have that Ray of Hope in our hearts.


Why are we susceptible to be attacked by a Demonic Spirit?

If we believe in Gods, it’s only logical to believe in Spirits. Likewise, if there are Demons there is a God(or Gods in my case).

So, if we have God, why do we feel unsafe when it comes to Demons?

So, for that let’s take a scale marked from +20 to -20. And let’s place the entities that we believe to exist on that scale based on their powers. Us humans, the normals at 0, Gods being the most powerful at +20 and demons not as powerful but still pretty much powerful for us at -15.

So, demons have a very good motivation to climb the scale to 0 to feel and live like humans. But, what do you think is the driving force for God for him to come to the neutral point to help us. Just because we are their creation doesn’t mean he is obliged to help us. We don’t even acknowledge the presence. Moreover, we are inclined towards the ungodly things present. We gamble, are corrupt, and morally deceased and we hope the pure and holy God to protect us.

This is the reason why these actions are looked down on in the sacred texts.

How can we be safe?

Most of us will be safe throughout. But if we want to take prevention then we must follow the guidelines of the religions, no matter which one we belong to. And if you’re an atheist, still try to remain happy and content and do actions that are morally good. Nothing beats the negative energy more than positive vibes which in turn keep you mentally and emotionally strong.




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