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Have you ever been to a place that holds the strongest memories for you? Whenever you think about that particular place, are you flooded with moments of happiness that, even though last for a few seconds, just fills you with pure bliss? Do you ever wish to go back and just relive those simpler times? Everyone has that one place that will forever hold a special spot in their heart. For some, it may be their school or a park that they may have frequented as a child. For some, it may be a favorite restaurant or even their grandparent’s house.  And for me, it’s this little place in Savannah, Georgia called River Street. 


Photo Credits: Visit Savannah website

River Street is essentially a collection of boutiques, stores, and restaurants that are located right next to the Savannah River. The street has a bit of historical importance to it as the renovated buildings were once cotton warehouses. I should also add that its history is “dark” in that its buildings were also used as holding areas for enslaved people. It is claimed that to this day visitors can still see shackles and holes. Up until recently, I didn’t even know that Savannah also had a spooky aspect to it too. General James Oglethorpe had founded the settlement of Savannah, Georgia in 1733 and had apparently built the city on Native American burial grounds. In addition to this, many had succumbed to the hard labor of unloading freight ships so some claim these spirits still remain there. (Goodbye night trips!) 


Photo Credits: Visit Savannah website


However, despite the dreary history, River Street is truly a sight to see. One of my favorites stores on this street is the River Street Sweets shop. It is a candy store that sells the most scrumptious candy ever. And trust me when I say scrumptious, I literally mean mouth-watering, smooth, very very yummy scrumptious candy (I’m not even kidding with this exaggeration). As a chubby five-year-old, this store was my happy place. As soon as you walk in, you are met with wafts of warm candy in the making. My favorite treat, and also their claimed world-famous candy, is the Pecan Praline. It is basically glazed pecans and its taste is unparalleled. They also have other candy such as bear claws and chocolates and they also sell amazing cakes and pastries. The beauty of this shop is that you can see these treats being made right in front of you. I used to love watching that the most. All in all, one simply does not go to River Street without visiting the River Street Sweets store. 



Photo Credits: River Street Sweets website

Aside from this, River Street has other attractions such as the Savannah Riverboat Cruise that takes you for a ride across the Savannah River at any time of the day. Ship watching is also a famous pastime as well for many visitors. There are also trolley tours that will take you around key stops in the city of Savannah such as the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist. Even if you take a walk around, you’ll find the city has its own charm. 


As we get older, we often find ourselves dreaming about simpler times. In today’s day and age, we as adults forget to stop and embrace life. I know priorities change and as the years pass by and our age grows, so do our responsibilities. However, we all need to just sit back and breathe. Do what we love for once and just let nostalgia take you back down memory lane. Who knows, maybe you’ll find forgotten pieces of yourself in those memories. Quoting Tim Lake from the movie About Time, “We’re all traveling through time together, every day of our lives. All we can do is do our best to relish this remarkable ride”. 

As always, the websites that I used for reference are down below so please be sure to check it out and add this destination to your bucket list. 


Au revoir! 


(P.S. A huge thank you to my dad for the wonderful pictures!) 


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