Top 25 Best Anime You’ll Love To Watch

Quoting what Barack Obama said, “I would like to thank Japan on behalf of all the young Americans (and ofc all the humankind) for all the gifts we received from Japan including Manga, anime, karaoke, karate and emojis.”

The world of anime gave us a world we all have fantasized since childhood. A world of suspense, thriller, action, comedy and whatnot.
So let’s get started with a list of top 25 anime based completely on my opinion.


The space fantasy based on the cowboy theme is one of the best anime for most of us. The story revolving around adventure, tragedies, misunderstandings and great action is a treat to watch. The animation is awesome even though being aired around 1998-1999.
The compelling music adds the cherry on the cake.


The suspense detective anime is a popular series even in the west. Being dubbed into various languages and airing about 1000 thousand episodes is itself enough to speak for its popularity. The protagonist Conan, despite getting turned into a kid from the 18-year-old youngster, solves cases effortlessly and gives, any modern time detectives a run for his money.


Next in the list is a popular sports anime revolving around the protagonist Hinata and Kageyama and their journey to make their school team the best volleyball team in all of Japan. There are moments which will send shivers down your spines. Hinata is a character which shows the world how you can overcome all your constraints(physically small stature for him) and can achieve anything you want if you have enough will, dedication and passion.

22.NANATSU NO TAIZAI( Seven Deadly sins)

One of those fantasy and supernatural anime which will make you say “whoa” from its first episode. The group of seven holy knights with their captain Meliodas go on an adventure to stop the ever-lasting war between demon, goddess, fairy, the giant and human race.

A mixture of great action, badass characters, music and a tint of romance is what makes this anime great.


One of the newer animes coming up on the list is the anime based on Norse culture. The anime shows the harsh life of Vikings back in the early ages. The protagonist Thorfinn has one of the best character development I’ve seen in anime. The top tier animation makes this anime a treat to watch.


Jojo’s bizarre adventure is one of the animes that made its ways up to western culture. The 3rd season Stardust Crusaders is my personal favourite. The protagonist Jotaro Kujo, a descendent of the famous Joestar family is a great character but the other characters don’t let him steal the show. A perfect mix of great characters, power system, music and one of the best villains in the anime world, DIO with his “ZA WORLD”


A parody anime but one that definitely deserves a place in this list. The MC is Saitama, a hero who wants to save the weak with various villainous monsters and manages to hide from the eyes of everyone.

He is so strong that it takes just a punch to defeat anyone. Saitama projects the image of its creator’s idea that a hero doesn’t need to look cool and powerful to actually be powerful. The comic scenes, music and awesome animation make this series worth watching.


Another new-gen anime reviving the shonen spirit revolving around defeating demons and protecting one’s family. Gathering a lot of praises all around the world for its god-level animation and spine chilling moments. The MC Tanjiro has already become a fan favourite and there’s a huge hype for the upcoming seasons already.


Another sports anime which is really close to my heart. This anime will hold you even if you don’t follow basketball. The contradiction in the two main characters Kuroko and Kagami who pave their way on their journey to beat the generation of miracles and exhibit what you can achieve with team spirit is extra-ordinary. Some awesome scenes with mind-blowing animation made it a fan favourite anime all over the world.


Another new-gen anime hitting up. The sheer storytelling, character sketch and insane amount of badass moments are enough for you to watch it. the story revolves around two central characters Asta and Yuno who despite coming from a peasant background make their name in the society dominated by nobility which sends a strong message in today’s scenario. Another noteworthy point is the sheer will and dedication of Asta to become the wizard king despite being born without a drop of mana(magic).


The world of my hero academia is a one in which everyone is born with a special superpower or quirk; making their lives better or worse in a number of ways. Then there comes a boy Deku, born without any quirk but want to become a hero with all his heart. Then comes a mentor who changes his life forever.

The catchy life story of the MC and the strong idea of underdogs stepping up and making their own legacy is one of the few reasons why you’ll go catch up to this anime.


One of the newest entry in the list but damn its so worthy of it. The first season comprising 12 episodes can sway your emotions in every possible direction. There’s treachery, horror, friendship, strategy making and love for family. The first and last episodes were my personal favs.

This anime will make you wonder what mere kids are capable of achieving. I am eagerly waiting for the next season to see how everything’s gonna end up.


Come on… You cannot expect a list of awesome animes without DBZ. The anime which opened this world for the western side. The inspiration for many other animes and a childhood memory for many of us. The masterpiece created by Akira Toriyama consists of few moments which literally blew the internet. Goku turning Super Saiyan, Goku’s fight vs Jiren in DB Super and many more. This article will really get too long so just take my advice and watch it in case you already didn’t.


Here’s an anime for all the action lovers out there. The fierce fighting scenes and the swordplay will make you fall in love with the katana dwelling samurai. Fuu, a waitress who works in a teahouse, rescues two master swordsmen, Mugen and Jin, from their execution to help her find the “samurai who smells of sunflowers.” A compelling storyline with a lot of blood-stained action scenes will make you wonder the sheer diversity of genres anime provides.


Speaking of genres, here comes a sci-fi anime which will sway your mind. The time-travelling machine which sends messages across time created by a group of scientists cause a ripple in the space-time fabric and sends everyone in an adventure they weren’t expecting. The storytelling and twists and turns this story takes are commendable. Being a sci-fi lover, it was a treat to watch.


One of the underrated animes which definitely deserves more praises. How the introductions of parasites to the human world turn a normal school going teen’s life upside down makes it a binge-worthy anime. Again a great character development of the MC and his adventures along with the parasite he got stuck with and eventually ended up helping him in his life is one of the few cool points of this anime.


Often regarded as one of the big 3 of the old gen animes, it definitely earns a spot in top 10. The life a normal schooler Ichigo suddenly changed after he was burdened with the weight of being a shinigami(soul reaper), only to find out that he was destined to be one of the most OP characters in the Bleach universe.

The power of friendship and his love for his family and friends tend to surpass himself every time he fights a powerful foe. The action scenes and ‘whoa’ moments in this anime are some which are not like any other such things in other animes. The fans were heartbroken when its further episodes were halted due to some reasons, but the news stating that bleach gonna reboot after so many years were like a breath of fresh air.


Tokyo Ghoul is a dark thriller and horror anime which introduces us to the world of human flesh-eating ghouls. The MC Kaneki Ken meets Riza, a ghoul which tries to kill him but accidentally kills herself making Kaneki a half-ghoul.

An intense anime which dwells in the dark corridors of a ghouls life and the dilemma Kaneki has to face just to lead a normal life.


A story revolving around Lelouch V Brittania who despite being born in the royal family of Holy Kingdom of Britannia, faces the evil side of nobility and decides to turn into a rebellious figure. This story shows a guy from wanting to make a safe world for his little sister Nunnally, turns into an anti-hero for fulfilling his goals. Again a great character development and awesome storyline.


Coming up next is the best series in the Fullmetal franchise. The tale of two brothers Edward and Alphonso Elric who on a quest of getting their bodies back become alchemist only to find out the real plot behind this whole setup. The evil group of sins and the all-father are for me one of the best antagonist group and the various moments and scenes which make your throat dry makes this anime a masterpiece.


Starting our top 5, here we are with an anime which breaks all the normal stereotypes and maybe that’s what makes it special. Don’t get attached to any character as the writer doesn’t mind killing them in the very next scene. The adventures of Gon and Killua are shown through various arcs. Among them, the york new city arc and Chimera ant arcs are my personal favs. This anime comprises of special power called Nen, which for me is the best power system in all the anime world as the intelligent use of your nen can help you defeat characters more powerful than you. There are a plethora of awesome characters and you’ll definitely fall in love with few of them.

4.SHINGEKI NO KYOJIN(Attack on Titans)

An action-packed roller-coaster which will leave you sticking to your seat.The story of Eren Jeager with his friends Armin and Mikasa who get recruited into the survey corps to beat the man-eating titans who destroyed their village; but the reality is more than that meets the eye. The various turns of events, awesome characters, soundtrack and action scenes will make you numb. The final season is coming up on October this year, so if you have not watched it yet, catch up soon.


Another one of the big 3 old gen anime and its a gem of a show. Like many others, it was my first anime and I bear some wonderful memories of this anime. The story of Naruto, an orphan whose parents died saving his village and sealed a ferocious monster inside him while he was still a baby. But that made his childhood bitter but luckily he had friends who didn’t leave him in darkness and eventually he became the Hokage, the leader of his village.

There are many characters who you’ll love more than Naruto himself like Itachi, Jiraiya, Kakashi, Might Guy and many more. I would specially mention the awesome music score of this show. Without a doubt, the best sound in any anime.

A masterpiece created by Eichiro Oda, its manga is the highest selling manga of all times even rivalling the sales od Marvel and DC comics. The story of straw hat Luffy a pirate with his awesome crew sailing into the grand line in search of the ultimate treasure, One Piece.

About 1000 thousand and still going show. Numerous arcs, countless awesome characters, filled with awesome moments, One piece is an anime which will give you everything probably more than you can take.


I know many of you saw this coming. The infamous death note stands on top of the ranking of animes. This show has everything you want to see in an anime. Awesome storyline, character development, twists and turns, music score. This anime gives you everything.

The rivalry between Yagami and L is considered legendary. What a boy with abnormally high IQ does when he gets a notebook which takes lives just by writing their name on the notebook. Well, why don’t you watch it and find it for yourself?

So here were my list guys. Hope you like it and if you don’t agree to my rankings, it’s completely okay. This was my personal opinions and we all have our tastes.

– Ankit Chand 

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