Things Science Can’t Explain

What does one mean when he says the universe is infinite? Can anything be infinite? So, if the universe is not infinite then where do its limits end? These are a few questions that are the driving force behind an astronomer’s and a physicist’s life research. These are the questions that have baffled scientists for a long time. And we are nowhere near to finding the answers to these questions. In this gigantic and for the moment infinite universe, there might numerous things that we’re still unknown to. Since we are not technologically capable of exploring most of the universe, let’s just think about the parts of it that we have access to and learn about it all. Here’s a list of things we see daily but science has no explanation of.

Existence of Souls

What is the main source of human life or any life at all? If the living bodies are made up of the same primary elements like copper, iron, magnesium, calcium, etc. Then why are we not able to recreate life. What force does it have that is beyond the reach of science? Scientists have tried to recreate the environment needed for a human being to be born with all the necessary elements but failed.

This explains that maybe science does not have all the answers and we might have some other force governing our existence.


Science clearly denies the phenomena of reincarnation. People have made various claims to describe their previous life. But, science holds no explanation regarding this. Maybe reincarnation is somehow related to the theory of the multiverse. And what we call as reincarnation is just some phenomenon that occurs when two universes are on the same frequency and experience interference. But science doesn’t have a proper explanation for the existence of the multiverse let alone of interference of two multiverses.

Existence of Multiverse

Multiverse or Multiple Universe is the existence of multiple universes that have the same laws and energy sources and dimensions as the one we are in. There may be an explanation about the existence of the multiverse. We know the universe to infinitely large, and considering the no. of particles that we know of, there is a limited no. of possibilities how a particle can arrange. So, there is a possibility of the existence of a person like you or me in the same situation as we are. Another explanation is the formation of the daughter universe. A Daughter Universe is an alternate reality that is created when we make a decision.

But there’s a limitation that the universe being a billion years old did not have the time to repeat the same formation. So, maybe we don’t have multiverses. But as of now science only has to rely on theories.

Dark Matter

If we take account of gravity, then the galaxy as we know should be falling. The mutual attraction between the celestial bodies is enough to keep them intact but the spin the bodies have can not be explained by the gravitational attraction of the bodies that we can see. To explain the spin we have to take into account the matter that we can’t see, thus named DARK MATTER. Scientists take it as a matter of shame that theoretically, Dark Matter is what comprises more than 90% of the mass of the universe. And they are nowhere near to prove its existence.

If found, then it’ll violate Newton’s Law of Motion for large bodies. But for now, science can only research its existence.

Deja Vu

‘Already Seen’ or as we know it Deja Vu is a French phase. It is a term when we have a feeling that the things happening around have already happened. People reason it with our subconscious mind playing tricks about a similar situation. But what about when we find ourselves in a  completely new situation but sense something awfully similar about it? Psychiatrists say that it could be our intuition or sixth sense or gut feeling as we call it, that helps us access the situation better. Whereas some people associate it with the proof of the existence of multiverse and our other versions calling out to us.


The topics mentioned might be out of our scopes for now but that won’t stop us from learning about it!!


-Utkarsh Tripathi  

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