The Red Eye: A Paranormal Occurrence

Some of you may not believe in paranormal activities and call it a fallacy. A handful of people claims these activities occur due to some scientific phenomenon but do they?? I happen to come across a boy from West Bengal, I’m uncertain of the authenticity but the story gave me chills and it was like something that I had never experienced before!!. Decide it by yourself that it is true or just another urban legend.

On a bright Sunday morning, a traveler arrives from Liverpool in a town of Kolkata. He booked his room in a hotel nearby for 2 weeks to explore the beauty of Kolkata and it’s culture. He covered almost every part of Kolkata and learned somethings from the great Indian culture.  Everything was going fine until one night when he was planning for the next day and was about to sleep, he heard someone singing. The voice was so mesmerizing that he started enjoying it and later went back to his bed. The next morning while having breakfast he told the receptionist about someone singing and asked about the person singing. The lady at the reception asked him to ignore it and she continued with her work.

The man then continued with his exploration. After his tiring trip that day he returned to his room earlier that evening and ensuing his tiredness went straight to his bed. Around midnight he heard someone singing again, he came out of his room and realized that the voice was coming from the room next to his. He tried peeking through the window but couldn’t see anyone because the curtains were drawn so he left, but the singing continued and out of curiosity he came again and looked through the keyhole he saw only the regular things in the room but the only thing unusual was the room seems to have RED LIGHT. The next morning he asked the receptionist again but this time he was assertive. It was sure that they were trying to hide something. He kept asking them again and again and each time with more authority.

The manager told him that that room has been closed for 5 years because a girl committed suicide by hanging herself in that room. Hearing this the traveler was shocked and he inquired more about the girl. The staff told him that “the girl was a musician and came here for her music contest but after failing several times she was traumatized and was depressed that results in her death”.The story made him ill at ease but he was now more curious to know about the voice. He decided to investigate the room again that night and still, he saw everything in red.

The next morning while having breakfast he had a talk with the receptionist and asked him to give him some more info of the girl, she said the girl used to practice her lessons here sometime she was beautiful, well built and had a great voice, the only thing unusual about her was that her eyes were RED“.

He decided to leave the hotel immediately and after a few days the news came that the man was found dead under unusual circumstances.”Spooky enough? Decide yourself.”

-Amritanshu Mishra

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