Space Debris: A Problem For The Future

We all wonder how polluted us humans have made Earth. If not you, then it’s high time you start thinking about it. We are not just destroying the beauty of Earth, but also making it uninhabitable for us and the other species to live.

At least the space is clear!! If you think like that, then my friend you’re mistaken. There’s more than 129 million identifiable space debris out there orbiting our planet. And the best part is, most of it is man-made materials. We have not only polluted the very land that we think is rightfully ours but also polluted the space that we have no right on. The threat that these small debris particles pose is not only alarming but also morally wrong.

Space Debris:

This debris consists of satellite parts that we didn’t find useful anymore, dead satellites, or satellites that have finished their mission. We have this habit of using things and post its usage we dump it as it is. This careless behavior of our is going to have an adverse effect in the near future. If the amount of space debris keeps increasing, then it might pose threats like barring signals from our satellites. This might lead to failure in some sectors.

Not only satellites, but they might also even block signals from the space by being a hindrance. They also block the view of astronomers as these debris particles come in the field of view, and give false information.

The debris that is a bit larger in size can cause havoc to the communication satellites. The debris comes in the field of view of the weather satellites and might give false predictions about the weather and not give us proper time to brace ourselves. A small debris particle orbiting earth can cause more damage than we think. Debris roughly the size of 1mm can do harm equivalent to being hit by a baseball. So, to explain what larger one can do to the International Space Station we have this:

Here are some comparisons to Debris Size vs Equivalent TNT harm

CNBC reported a Chinese Rocket falling on earth as the problems from space debris increase. And there are many times when such things can occur.

If space garbage keeps on increasing at the same rate then it might leave earth uninhabitable and our study of space incomplete.



We personally might not be able to solve this problem. But, we can bring it in the notice of concerned officials. There must be space missions solely for this purpose. A large spacecraft with a primary objective of removing space garbage so it doesn’t become a problem for the future.

US scientists are designing satellites with nets and harpoons in it so that they can remove some of the garbage from outer space.

I hope we can stop ourselves from polluting anymore of anywhere and start thinking about how we can undo what we have wronged.


-Utkarsh Tripathi  


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