Paranormal Phenomenon: Fact or Myth

What do you think paranormal is?

A behavior that is completely different from the real etiquette of a person in which he forgets everything and behaves like a completely different one. An activity that is weird and mysterious and can’t be explained by science or reason.
Paranormal activities have been experienced by so many people. While looking at the graph of America. There are 37% of people who believe in haunted houses, three-quarters of the population believe in the supernatural whereas the rest of them believe in scientific and psychological methods.

A believer is someone who possesses a strong belief in something. Talking about the people who believe in paranormal, have experienced hallucinations, cries, screams, and many more strange things. Such activities made them believe in ghosts. Although they haven’t seen them in real. They think that there are some supernatural beings who are observing them. Believers of supernatural beings don’t think rationally. They believe in the idea of spirits. The concept of body and spirit that good and evil soul exist and they are around us. Evil spirits reside in our body sometimes, which make a person do weird and abnormal things. The evil spirit possesses our bodies. The uncertain and tragic deaths of people make them wander on the earth itself where they take a hostage in the human body.

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Well The Bible does not say much about Ghosts but neither denies their existence

When the disciples saw him walking on the lake, they were terrified. “It’s a ghost,” they said and cried out in fear. Matthew 14:26, NIV

“Look at my hands and my feet. It is I myself! Touch me and see; a ghost does not have flesh and bones, as you see I have.” Luke 24:39, NIV

Here you can see that Jesus says that he’s not a ghost as his body is made of flesh and blood but ghost lacks these. He clearly says that he’s not a ghost not denying the existence of ghosts.

They are strong believers of religion and faith where religion says its the existence or intervention of a devil soul in an innocent body. And to set a human body free from such evil spirit, sometimes they practice exorcism in which they conduct prayers and ceremonies.
Hence the paranormal exist between science and religion and this is one of the reasons why there’s a fine line between skeptics and believers.
Religion seems to take control over the paranormal but is it true? As there is a psychological and scientific reason to prove that the paranormal activities that are these uncanny experiences are nothing but faulty activity in the brain. A multiple number of times there is explanation of paranormal experiences. Brain forms images which cause spooky feelings.

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The most explainable phenomenon is OBE that is Out of Body Experience which is a neurological phenomenon. In which a person assumes the existence of a soul which is his second self. When a person experiences Out of Body Experience, they may misunderstand this as a paranormal activity while this happens because of brain injuries, dreaming, brain stimulation.
In some cases, like an Italian psychologist saw someone in the mirror standing at his back, which might appear to people as ghostly but as explained by skeptics it happened because of the tricks of light and mirror reflections or in some cases it happens because a person might be under the influence of drugs or opium.

The above picture is proof of a body possessed by an evil spirit. The victim here is Anneliese Michel named as Emily Rose in the movie “The Exorcism of Emily Rose”, she was possessed and her case was quite popular and terrifying because she suffered for more than 6 months and 67 rites of exorcism and died at 23. 

People who believe in paranormal, because of the lack of evidence believe in their intuitions whereas they have weaker cognitive inhibition. Psychologists gave the term anthropomorphism in which people have no control over their brain and thoughts, they behave to non- human beings. Paranormal beliefs are influenced by a variety of individual differences, memory distortion.
The scientists also explained that due to the presence of certain gases in our environment we experience hallucinations and a constant feeling of dread.
There will always be a constant struggle between religion, faith, and science, psychology. People who believe in the existence of supernatural powers may reject the psychic explanations by calling it unscientific, whereas the skeptics might reject the theories and experiences of the believers by calling it coincidences and superstition but beyond all of this what matters is the truth.

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