Movies That Have A Very Satisfying Ending

Bollywood or Hindi Cinema has been a safe place for many Indians when they need an escape from normal life. They company the protagonist on their journey, sometimes with even more emotions than the actors could manage to show. And the climax plays a very important role in it. “End justifies the means” this saying gives us the essence of this article. Bad endings can be like cardamom in the very last bite of your biryani (that hurts). Similarly, there are movies that we like throughout the length of the movie but the end ruins it. Yes, mood spoilt, expectations shattered, and all that build-up for nothing.

We all hate such moments and dread the thought of it. A satisfying ending for a movie is as important as the basic plot of it.

So, here’s a list of movies that have a very satisfying ending-

10. Newton (2017)

Newton is an Amit V. Masurkar film that revolves around a civil servant, Newton (Rajkumar Rao). He is stubborn when it comes to his ethics and won’t change a bit about himself no matter what the situation is. He’s sent by the election commission to conduct a fair election in a Naxalite area. He has to go through a very hard time and a near-death experience because of his stubborn behavior. Despite having gone through this, we can see that he hasn’t changed. This surely is a satisfying justification for the kind of character he has.

9. Mumbai Meri Jaan (2008)

This Nishikant Kamat’s multistarrer movie didn’t get the kind of limelight it deserves. Based on true events of train blasts in Mumbai city that shocked the whole country, this movie captures the post-traumatic events. People started giving it a communal angle and fought among themselves. See how different sections of the society dealt with such a situation and overcame their fears. The ending will definitely soothe your soul. (Aye dil hai mushkil jeena yaha, zara hatt ke,  zara bach ke, ye hai bonbay meri jaan)

8. Drishyam (2015)

The Nishikant Kamat’s Drishyam is a movie that’ll keep you on the edge of your seats with its twists and turns. It’s a story of the disappearance of a Policewoman’s son who is now after Vijay’s(Ajay Devgan) family. See how Vijay is able to shield his family from the consequences of an unintentional crime that they did!!

7. Karwaan (2018)

Yet another Irrfan Khan starrer, Karwaan is directed by Akarsh Khurana. The movie tells us a story of two dead bodies that got exchanged in confusion by the logistics, which lead us to a beautiful journey with stunning scenery. This movie shows us how even a sad situation like death can bring people of different backgrounds together. There’s no twist in the story and you already anticipate the ending but still its a movie worth watching and you’ll leave satisfied.

6. Gangs of Wasseypur (2012)

Who says violence cant bring you satisfaction? When it comes to capturing raw India, nobody does it better than Anurag Kashyap. This two-part movie is all about gangs and rivalry. Whether it is Sardar Khan, Perpendicular, Ramadhir Singh, or our very own Faisal, each character is very well defined and we love to see them brawl. The ending gives us immense satisfaction when Faisal finally gets his revenge. (Baap ka, dada ka, bhai ka, sabka badla lega re, Faisal tera)

5. Anand (1971)

Hrishikesh Mukherjee’s Anand is a classic movie that every age segment must watch. This movie starring Amitabh Bachchan and Rajesh Khanna gives us the message to live life to the fullest. Despite suffering from a deadly ailment, Anand (Rajesh Khanna) brings joy in the life of the people around him. Even though the ending is as sad as it can be, forcing you to sob, it still has a satisfying factor in it. (Babumoshai, Zindagi badi honi chahie, lambi nahi)

4. Masaan (2015)


Neeraj Ghaywan’s Masaan is an example of taking a simple story and directing it to such finesse that we’re left mesmerized. Vicky Kaushal left no stone unturned to make a deep impact on the intelligent audience with his performance. And as a result of it, we get to see more of him today. The movie deals with 4 characters dealing with constraints of society along with their personal tragedies. The ending is in no way happy but it gives us hopes for a better tomorrow. (Tu kisi rail si guzarti hai, mai kisi pul sa thartharata hu)

3. Paan Singh Tomar (2012)

Tigmanshu Dhulia’s Paan Singh Tomar is the third evidence of Irrfan Khan’s acting marvel in this list. Despite being an Indian Athlete and seven times steeplechase champion, Paan Singh Tomar decides to become one of the most feared dacoits in the Chambal Valley. His journey from an athlete to a decoit is a good arc for his character. The ending is no daisies or roses, it’s all thorns but still satisfying to the people who understood his journey.

2. A Wednesday (2008)

Neeraj Pandey’s A Wednesday is well equipped with a very talented cast of Anupam Kher, Naseeruddin Shah, and Jimmy Sheirgill. On his retirement day, police commissioner Prakash Rathod (Anupam Kher) receives a call about 5 bombs planted by an unnamed man (Naseeruddin Shah). He demands release of 4 terrorists in return of the location of the bombs but kills them himself on release. This movie shows how dangerous a common man can be when he takes matters in his hands. The ending does the justification as it gives us a sense of power to make things right when authorities fail. (BUT, yeeee acceptable nai hai)

1. The LunchBox (2013)

Ritesh Batra’s The Lunchbox is a critically acclaimed masterpiece of Cinema. A small mistake by the very efficient lunchbox delivery system of Mumbai brings two complete strangers together by the means of a LunchBox. A man(Irrfan Khan) in his middle age and a young housewife fall in love by sharing notes in the lunchbox. The director did a marvelous job by giving it an open ending for the viewers to decide. (Can you fall in love with someone you haven’t met?)


-Utkarsh Tripathi  


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