Most Underrated Bollywood Actors

Bollywood is a dazzling world and a dream for many. Even if it’s never been your dream, you’d have at least once imagined yourself in your favorite actor’s shoes. The kind of fame, respect, and affection they receive is worth the envy. But, all that sparkles is not gold. The entertainment industry is not loyal to your talent, you need to have more. You need a pretty face, resources, connections, and a status to make it to the big league. Here we have a list of Most Underrated Bollywood Actors, who despite being packages of raw talent couldn’t make it big-

Vijay Raaz

Better to start this list with the one who literally defines the term underrated. The sheer disregard of Vijay Raaz by Bollywood just shows the terrible condition of the Indian Film Cinema. However the film turns out, one thing is guaranteed, his character will stand out. Showcasing his brilliance in roles which are mostly just to add a comedy factor in otherwise a completely alternate genre film like Run and Monsoon Wedding, his performance stays with the viewers long after the movie has ended. This man can never disappoint and is high time this star gets his much needed and deserved fame. Raghu Romeo must be on your list of movies to watch next to understand why I speak so highly of him.

Tillotama Shome

Nurturing a character beyond the writer’s imagination and making it her own is what she does best. The roles she played are so ordinary yet beautiful that only she could have managed to do it with absolute perfection. She’s a pleasure to watch on celluloid and I don’t understand why there haven’t been many parts for her to play.

Arshad Warsi

The man who needs no introduction but what brings him in this list you might wonder, just hear me out. Yes, you have seen him in a lot of movies but we have barely scratched the surface of talent this man has in abundance. He is a familiar face with a lot of mainstream films under his belt, always seen as the funny sidekick to the star of the film but his performances in entertaining drama Jolly LLB, the highly undervalue gem of Indian cinema Sehar and the recently released Asur proved his mettle in acting.

Jaideep Ahlawat

This actor has proved his acting marvel every time he appeared on the screen. Ahlawat’s performance in Commando, Khatta-Meetha, Raazi, Gabbar is Back, and Amazon Prime’s Paatal Lok is worth the notice. But his most celebrated character is Shahid Khan in Gangs of Wasseypur. It’s really disheartening to see him not having the limelight he deserves.

Gulshan Devaiah

Only a select few who pay attention to each character in a film will recognize this individual. He is selective when it comes to choosing roles to be it in Shaitan, Hunterr or That girl in yellow boots, especially his brilliant performance in Mard ko dard nahi hota makes it more firm that he deserves more spotlight and opportunities.

Manav Kaul

In a career spanning nearly two decades, we haven’t seen enough of him. It’s no surprise that despite making a mark with his performances in the few projects that came his way, this name is still invisible to the Indian audience. He is the go-to guy for a complex and raw character confusing viewers if he is just acting or is actually living the character to its truest sense. However, he gets his due in Indian theatre and plays involved in directing and playwriting.

Tisca Chopra

In an industry dominated by male protagonists, for the women, opportunities are few and their screen time even less but even in the few minutes of her presence on screen, she manages to bring a sense of reality and adds her own charisma making the character more lifelike and relatable. Her powerful performances in Rahasya and the short film Chutney makes the viewers question if all we need is another clichéd Bollywood love story of two overrated stars or some glimpse of real talent from actors like her.  

Piyush Mishra

Always save the best for the last. Being my personal favorite, I refer to him as a magician because what he brings on-screen is no less than magic. The man with many talents is a lyricist, singer, screenwriter, and most importantly a terrific actor. No one can forget his portrayal of Prithvi Bana from Gulaal, story-teller in Tamasha, the narrator in Gangs of Wasseypur and the list goes on and on because no performance of his is ordinary enough to just be erased from memory. Also sought out after as a voice-over artist, it’s something in his voice that makes the viewers want more of him. Every character, every dialogue is so brilliant, so perfect, hard to find words to appreciate this star. 

-Avinash Singh 

aKa Vicky     

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