Mental Fettle In Lockdown!!


With days passing, it has continued to get tougher for all of us as we learn about the spread of the COVID-19 virus through television, social media, friends and other sources. We have been restricted to go out of our houses except for buying the essentials. It is really important for one to understand that self-isolation is the only way we can protect ourselves from the pandemic.

Equal concern towards mental health and physical health is necessary. Staying at home can be joyous for some people whereas for some it has been exhausting. Some of the most common emotions experienced by people have to be fear, boredom, stress due to office or schools and colleges, constant pressure of being productive and desire to go out during this period. Dealing with these emotions can be quiet difficult but are compulsory to be handled for our emotional well-being.

It is important for us to recognise our flow of thoughts and understand our emotions which plays a vital role in helping us to differentiate if things/situations are under our control or not. Realising if the worries are actually necessary and if it is, choosing to manage it by giving it a thought of how we dealt with similar worries in the past or talking about it could be of more help instead of being stressed.

Mental Health In Lockdown

The state of lockdown has been considered to be both boon and bane. For the one’s staying with family, spending quality time with each other, learning new things and working on their skills it has to be a boon, but for people staying away from family may be feeling lonely, which is obvious but communicating with family and calling friends, and focusing on their selves, could actually make it better.

To pressurise ourselves for being productive always is unnecessary as we all are in this together and it is alright. On the contrary, it does not mean to say to be lazy or sit back doing nothing and blaming the pandemic is definitely not the key. Accessing a reliable source for information is suggested, Not only staying away from fake news, rumours but also the content we consume on social media and television affects our mental state.

We need to remember that this will be over soon. Certainly, our lives will be resumed and in order to get back on track in life, it is very much important for us to battle this together and to stay positive.



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