How Important are Physical Activities For Your Body


A healthy mind resides in a healthy body” 

Nowadays, staying fit and healthy comes in the foremost things. Moreover, fitness is one of those things which helps your body and mind to stay healthy and work effectively. A healthy mind resides only in a healthy body. Fitness in easy language means, taking good care of your body. Firstly fitness is not confined to the body but also mentally.

Physical Activity

Physical activity is the most important thing a person can do to keep his/her body fit. I personally feel being a fitness enthusiast myself, I give fitness the topmost priority in my life. Being fit makes your mind calm n composed to work in any kind of manner. Many people nowadays are suffering from many diseases due to lack of physical activity in their daily routine.

Despite work pressure, there are loads of people who set a perfect example. People give excuses like we don’t have enough time for all these things, there are more important things to do, but they forget that “When wealth is lost, nothing is lost; when health is lost, something is lost; when a character is lost, all is lost. -Billy Graham. Keeping your body and mind fit will eventually help in building up a good character too.

Moderate physical activity like jogging, bicycling, aerobics, Zumba, Jumping ropes etc can actually help in keeping one’s body in proper shape and functioning.

 Lack of Exercise and Physical Activities

Nowadays, people take so much stress and burden of their workload that they even forget what they are doing to their body and mind by doing so. In my opinion, fitness should be there in everybody’s life. There are many people around us who suffer from obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol level and many other diseases due to lack of fitness. According to me its all can be cured by doing physical activity or we can say moving towards fitness.

Moreover, Lack of physical activity leads you to obesity, hypertension, diabetes and more threatening disease. We all know that precaution is better than cure” so why not implement it in our daily lives.

 Different Ways To Stay Fit

There are many ways one can be fit, it can be by playing any sport like cricket, football, lawn tennis, badminton, swimming and etc. or one can do yoga, or go to the gym and etc.


History of yoga takes us back to ancient India. It is a spiritual practice which helps in keeping our mind calm and body fit. It consists of many asanas or postures, most of them are not as easy as they look but their effect is quite astonishing. One can come over claustrophobia, anxiety and many mental illnesses while practising yoga. In India, the practice of yoga has been taught from the pre-Vedic era around 3000 BCE. The information about yoga can be found in The Rigveda as well as in Upanishads.


What’s better than sports to keep your body fit and fine. Burning up calories cannot give you more joy anywhere else rather than sports activities. Sports help in building your physical as well as mental health and thereby developing your personality. As we all know ” All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” this suits perfectly on today’s generation.

At the same time, sports help you in keeping your mind sharp as the blood flow is increased in the body leading to an increase in concentration, sharp memory and enhanced problem-solving skills.


Nowadays, people prefer gyms more for exercise. Well, the physical activities of the gym help your cardiovascular system work in a perfect way. The heavy workouts in the gym help your tissue to get more oxygen and nutrients, increasing the condition of lungs and heart which helps in keeping your body function properly and keeps you healthy

We can say there is an infinite number of ways people can stay fit it’s just, what they prefer doing and what they enjoy doing. There are many ways fitness helps a person in his/her life. Like, Fitness helps in getting rid of stress, anxiety, depression. There always is an excuse but is there anything more important than health? Think about it !!

-Vishesh Dixit

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