Football: An Emotion

Football or soccer is not only a game but an emotion for its fans. The teams have of only 11 on-field players but the family consists of millions of fans. People love this game with all their heart and soul, some of them worship the game the players are like god for them and that spirit makes it so beautiful to watch.

History of Football

Firstly, starting with the history of football. It takes us around 2000 years back to ancient Greece, China, Rome, and parts of Central America. Still, there is no solid proof that the game existed back then. Some experts and pundits claim that football was started in England around the 12th century. Well, the British men should be credited for bringing this game in proper shape. They made rules, uniforms, and teams thus making the game more organized. Myth or Fact decide yourself but it’s said that after killing Adolf Hitler the soldiers celebrated their victory by playing soccer with his head.

Meanwhile, modern civilization took over and football also evolved. Many new rules were introduced, uniforms were designed and teams came forward. The football craze also hiked with time.

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The First World Cup

The game got recognition in almost every country and was popular in no time. Today FIFA(Federation Internationale de Futbol Association) governs almost all the bodies related to this game. Established on 21st May 1904 in Paris, France. Currently, it has 211 members and is responsible for organizing and promoting big tournaments

The first FIFA  football world cup was conducted in 1930 from July 13 to 30 in URUGUAY. Followed by 13 teams from different nations. Uruguay won the first FIFA world cup winning the finals. Despite the loss, Argentina showed great game spirit and was applauded by the crowd of 68000 people. The final score recorded was 4-2 and Uruguay was declared as Champions.

aerial view of 1930 world cup stadium 

1930 Uruguay squad

Different Leagues In Football 

In addition to National teams, many soccer leagues were formed. The Top Five Soccer Leagues are:

English Premier League:

EPL or Premier League was formed on 20th February 1992. It has 20 clubs with players all around the world with mind-blowing skills. The new season starts in August and continues until May. Each team has to play 38 matches with 19 other teams on both home and away grounds. The winner is decided based on the number of points earned on home and away grounds. The EPL is a league of the United Kingdom. The top goal scorer of EPL is Alan Shearer with 260 goals in his name.

La Liga

Founded in 1929 The Campeonato Nacional de Liga de Primera División, also known as La Liga, is the top professional football division of the Spani and is 0 loved worldwide. This league also consists of 20 teams. The most no. of titles are on the name of Real Madrid(33). Top goal scorer of La Liga is Lionel Messi with 438 goals on his name moreover the most number of hattricks are also on his name only 36. Messi holds the record for the most assists (181). According to UEFA La Liga holds the record of being the top league of Europe from 2013-2019. La Liga holds the record of winning the most number of UEFA Champions League(18 times), UEFA Europa League(11 times), UEFA Super Cup(15 times). The pinnacle of getting the most number of Ballon d’Or established by La Liga players.

Serie A

Founded in 1898 Serie A is one of the oldest professional football leagues. This Italian football league is sponsored by An Italian Telecom Company TIM. The League never left the world unsurprised with players like Gianluigi Buffon and Paolo Maldini. The current champion of the league is Juventus FC with one of the best footballers in the world Christiano Ronaldo(Cr7). Moreover, Buffon and Maldini hold the record of most number of appearances in the league(647). In 2014 Serie A was second-strongest Nation League in the world as the of data IFFHS says.


Also known as die Fußball-Bundesliga was formed in 1963. It is a professional football league in Germany. In addition, Bundesliga holds the record of highest stadium attendance. It holds 18 teams and follows the German football league system and the season is active from August to May. Bayern Munich holds the record of winning the most number of the title 28 times.

According to UEFA Bundesliga is ranked third most loved League in Europe over the past 5 seasons. Karl-Heinz “Charly” Körbel made the most number of appearances in Bundesliga i.e, 602. At the same time, the most number of the goal is scored by Gerhard “Gerd” Müller.



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