Cricket: A Gentlemen’s Game

A sport or a vehemence?
Ah! The easiest way to define cricket is that it’s just a bat and ball game where two teams, 11 players a side contest to score runs. The team with most runs by the end wins.


The game is played on a 22-yard pitch and ground of round shape with no defined boundaries. All the players from both the teams have designated jobs to do followed by a wicketkeeper, one bowler, two batsmen (from the team batting) and the rest are fielders. We have two ground referees called umpires and a TV umpire in the sport whose work is to make sure the game goes smooth.

Game is played with a bat and a ball of pre-defined size and weight. The batsmen try to score run and the opponent bowlers try to get them out. Both the teams are given certain overs to complete the innings and set a target for their opponents. The team which scores more runs by the end of their respective innings wins.

A game with a history of about 4 centuries has been a marquee sport ever since, roots of which can be found during the medieval period. Believed that it has been originated as a children sport in south-eastern Britain in the mid-16th century, cricket has come a long way through.
Although the first recorded international match was played in the late 19th century under the governance of MCC (Melbourne Cricket Council). Moreover, it’s said that the first cricket match was played on the ground of St. George Cricket Club in New York.

First Cricket Test Match

Legends of cricket.

We’ve seen some legendary players stepping in to play the game, Don Bradman, Sachin Tendulkar, and Sir Viv Richards, just to name a few. They have played all over the world in different formats, on different venues against different opponents. Their legacies are intact with the legend of the game. Although there are many legends whose contribution cannot be defined in words.

The Legend Don Bradman

The Great Viv Richards

The God Of Cricket


International Cricket Council (ICC) organizes different championships in all the three formats of the game, Test, ODI, and T20. World Cup is held every four years and a world champion is crowned. We see the T20 world cup too every 2-3 years. Currently, a test championship is underplayed which will cultivate in a league format for over 2 years. Lord’s Cricket stadium is being termed as Mecca of Cricket as it is ground with utmost history and legacy. Cricket is associated with a lot of beautiful grounds like Melbourne Cricket Ground and Oval in Australia.

Women’s Cricket 

The game not only stops on men’s team but glories are also won by Women’s Cricket Team. The first-ever international cricket match was played in 1934 among the Australian and England women team and it was a test match. However, the women’s team has not gained the fan following as much as the men’s team, but they are not any less than them and soon will reach the milestone of breaking all the records.

Fan Following

Firstly, fans are the reason every sport enjoy their glory. Secondly, The cricket-ing fans are one of the most enthusiastic fans and they have made the game more of a passion sport. Cricket is worshipped like a religion in the South Asian subcontinent. Being the national sport in England, the sport sees a major following in western Europe and great support in Australia.

Arguably the Greatest Cricket playing nations have been West-Indies (1970-1980’s) and Australia (2000‘s). But the competition keeps on increasing and many more teams have been performing brilliantly.

Meanwhile, one thing is sure “The best of Cricket is yet to come!”.
Decide it yourself Cricket is just A sport or a vehemence?

-Anuj Kumar Rai


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