A New Food Trend: Pandemic Cooking

‘Eat, sleep, and repeat ‘has been everybody’s mantra in the past few months. Food is an essential element after air and water for the well being of any individual. Due to the lockdown many foodies, as they like to call themselves have caved into the old fashioned home cooking method to calm their hunger pangs. Cooking at home was a lost art form that has resurfaced, which was drowned due to the popularity of restaurants and deliveries.


Once considered a boring household chore is now a trend for the young blood as well as celebrities and influencers. The trends had an undoubted chain reaction as everyone is most familiar with the concept, which leads to the popularity of cooking hacks and food competitions. Starting the day with healthy breakfast options, to mid-day meals to evening snacks and unconventional dinner dishes have gained popularity.

Since there have been fewer resources to actually cook the proper restaurant-style meals, many have resolved to substitute or alternating among the ingredients. Success and failure stories of the recreation of famous fast foods or chaats are also among the popular pandemic trend. Dalgona coffee made a simple beverage into a pass time yet rewarding activity. Cakes and ice creams made from biscuits simple yet spectacular.

‘There is no love sincerer than the love for food’ and everyone has religiously kept their promise as a true lover. Even though many dread the idea of doing the dishes, they are willing to do so for their love for food. Some even take risks by walking the extra mile to get their bread for a new sandwich recipe. Even the laziest couch potatoes put in efforts to make simple fries.

There was also a drastic change in meat consumption due to the fear of getting infected. This increased in the plant-based dishes to gain higher ground. Pizzas, burgers, fries, and many other fast foods were mostly healthy as the number of ingredients that went into the making of the items was in the artist’s control. Critiques who swore by their traditional recipes didn’t mind adding a twist to their daily cooking as well.

Celebrities who are often seen in cooking shows or cooking competitions as judges are now making their favorite dishes at home. They often tag their fellow celebs to join in on the challenges, which are entertaining to the audience and encourages them to keep up with them. Physical distancing is a must but everyone is connected socially for their love for food.

As traveling is restricted, the only way to experience any place is by trying out the different options it has to offer. This is quite a risky road to take as you might end up at the desired destination of success or a disastrous dead end. None the less it will always be a unique memory for everyone experiencing this moment together.

Artists have also made sculptures of cute animals, animated characters, and many other things using food items. This trend is not only a task that takes a lot of effort but it is looks and tastes amazing. The satisfying genre of the food trend which gained popularity is the mukbang. In which a host consumes large portions of food which is aesthetically pleasing as well. The audience mainly is shocked by the proportions of food and also some seem to enjoy the audiovisual effects as well.

There are many open kitchens all over the world that have been supplying food for the essential workers, which is the kindest gesture anyone could do. Home cooks have offered to provide nourishment to the people who aren’t able to afford it during this time. People also placed food and water outside their homes to stray animals, which aren’t able to feed themselves. Such trends are wholesome and make us appreciate the little things in life.

This goes without saying that ‘You can’t just eat good food. You’ve got to talk about it too. And you’ve got to talk about it to somebody who understands that kind of food’. Even if it’s to help someone or cure a craving you have, food is a language everyone understands. Now that food has been on your mind all this while, it’s safe to ask ‘What are you going to cook now?’………………


-Anagha Kulkarni 

aKa Anokha     

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