7 Ways to Pep Up your Virtual Parties.

Life these days can be wrapped up in trying out new chores at home, missing partying with friends, trying badly to catch up with your sweetheart, and experimenting with virtual meetings but not to forget, along with that, the major network issues.

They say the world is in a standstill. But in the midst of all of this, we can’t really stop living! Make the most of this period, guys. Check up on your friends, spend time with them, and mostly celebrate every possible occasion with them.

Having said that, here a few creative ways how you could pep up your virtual parties with your gang.

Have a Sassy Saturday

Oh! It’s been so long going weekend clubbing. Let it be indoors this time. Be ready in front of your screens. Put on your shirts and dresses. Get your playlist and beer ready. Dim the lights to set the Saturday night mood right. Sip and groove together.

Trivia Night

What’s better than having an entertaining yet insightful night with your gang. Let one person be the quizmaster for the day who’ll keep the list of questions ready for you all and record the scores. And then, keep guessing and have fun! You could check out BuzzFeed or Thought Catalog for some go crazy questions.


Workout Together

Hey! Don’t procrastinate, please. Not to forget, well-being and boosting your immune system is prime, especially nowadays. Why not working out together with your friends? Work out and inspire your dear ones as well to take care of their health along with you! Many fitness apps have the scope of working out with your friends and participating in several workouts challenges virtually. Doesn’t that sound fun?


Virtual Gala

Remember those days when every birthday party used to become a gala party. Relive those days with all crazy games and performances; and don’t leave a chance to roast your buddies. You could play some evergreen games like Never Have I Ever, Dumb Charades and Truth and Dare because they are always fun, aren’t they?

Also, guess what? Such games can be played virtually very easily. Plus, the technical glitches, here would add more fun to it. You could also keep some interesting punishments for the person losing. That is going to rock!


Watch Together

Not much safe these days to sneak into a theatre but you could still have some of the fun. Screen share and watch together! Passing comments allowed only via chats because if you don’t mute yourself, it might get a little difficult to watch. Have your snack ready to munch along with that! You’re not limited just to movies, watch web series, short films, whatever you like! So, what are you waiting for? Go watch it with your gang!


Create a Movie

Do you remember those “Complete the Story” competitions you had in school? Let’s somewhat use that, but with a twist.

First, host the meeting and start recording it. Prank them all with some fake amusing incident, story, or a piece of news but keep it light and fun. Let the members react to it. Make sure to add drama to it, because the more drama, the more fun it would be! When the heat is reduced, stop recording and disclose that it was a prank. Then screen share, watch your drama, and laugh together!


Scavenger Hunt

Have to accept full just can’t be done to this game virtually but no harm in trying right? There will, of course, be a geographical constraint while playing this game, that is in and around your house. But, okay.

One person could get a list of tasks to be performed. The tasks could be like finding a purple-colored object and the one finding it the first would win, finding an old picture with a particular friend and sending it to the person managing the game, or putting makeup on your face as quickly as possible. Such a fun task list could be created, you could find some suggestions on the web as well.

Record the scores and reward the winner with maybe an appreciation post on Instagram. Sounds fun, right?

Recommending you all to try these out! Hope these ideas would be of help. Stay connected and have fun guys! Wishing you all hope, power, and very good health.

-Shritama Sarkar

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